Thursday, July 19, 2007

On Vacation - Big Blue Sky!

Every three years we have a family reunion camp-out. Usually we camp at family property outside of Dayton, WA near Ski Bluewood. This year, we will be at family property near Big Fork, MT at Flathead Lake. Our reunions are always camp-outs with a variety of tents, travel trailers and luxury motor homes. Me? I like my tent. I have a designer mauve-colored tent that sleeps four, but fits my queen size air mattress just perfect. You see - while I love to camp, I can still be a bit of a diva.

One of the reunion events that we look forward to is the family fund raiser auction on Saturday night. People bring items to donate for the auction and the proceeds go to our family fund. The fund pays for things like port-o-potties, paper plates, cups, and other things that we collectively need. The auction items are so great and always so creative, that it is difficult to chose what and how many to bid on. From handmade quilts, crafted decorative wood items, gourmet packaged foods from touristy areas (they love the Walla Walla Sweet Onions), not-so-flattering framed photos of relatives that come in handy for jovial "blackmailing", and sometimes a family heirloom passed down from a great-aunt. The most popular items have been wine and micro-brews. Always lots of bottles of wine to win! It brings me comfort to know that I am not the only "wine-o" in the family and - - I have won my share and not just from Washington, but Montana, Nebraska and Colorado.

So needless to say, I won’t be blogging for a few days. Instead I will be sitting around a campsite with family telling old jokes and stories, eating and of course, drinking wine. I am especially looking forward to this reunion as my two adorable little granddaughters will be joining me. I can see them now wearing Barbie crowns on top of their unruly thick red curls, princess wings off their shoulders and holding a fishing pole.

I think I'll leave my crown and wings at home.


winedeb said...

Wow, my type of family reunion! I will have to pass that idea on! Have a great time and look forward to you telling us what wines you won at the auction! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Catie
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