Monday, January 28, 2008

The Jack - Saviah Cellars

Finally, I tasted the first vintage of The Jack 2006 from Saviah Cellars in Walla Walla (forgive the side-track, but when I say "The Jack 2006," it reminds me of the side-kick "Jack" performer-wanna-be character from the TV sitcom, "Will and Grace." He referred to himself as, "Jack 2000." Anywhooo...) And yet I have known about this wine for awhile and been eyeing the great label - - another great label by Walla Walla local, Becky Wilson of Chameleon Design. And again - - so how did it taste?

As soon as I poured the wine in my glass I noticed the very inky purple color. In the aroma I picked up a bit of cranberries. It fact, the tart cranberry aroma came out as soon as I popped the cork and it kind of surprised me. The tastes of cherry and definitely loads of blackberry was there with a nice finish of spice. In fact, the spice lingered for awhile on my tongue. The Jack was not over oaked as it has been aged in only 30% new oak, which was a pleasant change for once with so many of the heavy oaked wines out there. I also picked up a bit of "green" undertones, which makes sense to me now since I found out there was a bit of Carmenere (4%) in this blend of 88% Merlot, 6% Cabernet and a touch of Syrah. The Jack has got some tannins going on which would make it age-worthy, but then again - - why? It is priced under $20. Buy it for the taste and especially take advantage of the value.

And if you have been a regular reader, then you know I am a foodie. I view wines as food and how they blend with the other food groups out there. I think that The Jack would make for a great food pairing with casual foods. And since I found The Jack to be a rather hearty and substantial blend, I think a beefy grilled burger with bacon would be perfect or paired with some rich beef stews, while not forgetting to add some of The Jack to the stew meat to simmer. I paired it with some dark chocolate mendiants that held a skoosh of Cayenne and they were oh - - so - - delicious together! Cheers!

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