Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wind and Wine in Walla Walla

So what kind of wine pairs well with 78 mph wind and no electricity? Damn if I care, as long as it is wet, with alcohol, and in colors of red or white.

Friday started out like any normal Friday in January. However, I noticed the sun was trying to show it's peach color amidst a shroud of brown mist. And then it came - - the wind. A strong wind from California reaching around to Reno and upward to Walla Walla County. I felt like Dorothy in the Kansas house watching a variety of familiar debris flying by me. Yeah, and I might have even seen a witch or two. From the office to home, what normally would be less than a 10 minute drive, instead took me 40 minutes. Streets were blocked with fallen trees, roofs and various other debris.

Once I arrived at home safe, but somewhat rattled, I witnessed my lattice divider by my driveway fly as limber as can be like underwear on a clothes line flopping in the breeze. The roots of my evergreen tree moved the soil up and down like an earth quake trembling underneath. Pieces of the neighbor's deck was on my lawn along with my own roof tarp and shingles and my garbage receptacle took flight to the next block. The power was out and there was not a thing I could do. While I had some natural light, I brought out every candle I owned. I found a deck of cards to play that lonesome game of solitaire and I slipped into my sleeping bag to keep warm. There was a sense of security knowing a fifth of rum and a fifth of brandy was in the liquor closet for emergency - - ummm - - yeah - - you know just in case we were needing antiseptic to treat a wound or something like that. Fortunately for me I got my power back before dark, but others weren't as lucky. And because I had power, my house became "Disaster Central" to family and a few neighbors who didn't have power or water until Sunday evening.

My sister, Chefy Chefferton who still was without power, brought over food she needed to save from her refrigerator and cooked up some tasty meals while I spent the majority of my Saturday cleaning my yard and getting bids from trolling out of town roofers.

Here is the selection of wines we served at "Chez Catie Disaster Central": Waterbrook Sauvignon Blanc - 2003, Woodward Canyon Estate Barbera - 2003, two bottles of Pendulum Columbia Valley Red Table, Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon and a magnum of Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon. I know - - Yellow Tail - - that sugary version of wine that is designed to get even the novice wine sipper slowly weaned from White Zinfandel and onto the "real" vitis vinifera drink. But hey - disaster beggars can't be choosy.

Come Sunday afternoon we were in for a treat. We had made reservations a week ago at one of our favorite dining establishments, Whoopemup Hollow Cafe in Waitsburg. We were celebrating our mother's birthday, but the celebration was more than a birthday - it became a celebration of survival and a celebration of thanks that we were all safe, sound and with electricity and warm water. Between four of us, what didn't we dine on? We enjoyed oysters, shrimp, spareribs, catfish, fritters, pickled okra and fried chicken from the appetizer plate and later a selection of a rib eye steak, pork chop, chicken and dumplings, and last but not least the "Waitsburger" topped with Point Reyes bleu, grilled portobello and bacon was ordered. And of course, an assortment of the house made desserts - just as beautifully presented as they are rich and delicious.

My choice of wine for the evening was a Helix (Reininger) Syrah - 2004. It was lush with a mouthful of blueberries and spice. It paired quite nice with most of the southern-style morsels I tossed in my mouth. And as always at the Whoopemup, our service was hospitable and exact. We were never without the right spoon or fork - all of our needs were met. Many thanks to Ross at the Whoopemup for adding to our birthday and "Survival Weekend" celebration.

When my weekend finally came to a close that Sunday evening, a sigh of relief came over me. And as one of my favorite heroines said, "There's no place like home."

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