Friday, October 31, 2008

A Happy Walla Walla Halloween!

My childhood memories of Halloween in Walla Walla are many. Eagerly wanting to visit the haunted houses sponsored by the local Jaycees, but once there wishing I was home safe and sound. I remember placing my hand into a boxes of peeled grapes and cold cooked spaghetti at junior high Halloween parties and screaming! But most of all, I remember Trick 'r Treating.

We lived out in the "sticks" surrounded by onion fields and horses, so there weren't too many houses close by to go Trick 'r Treating. My parents packed us in the car during the chilly fall evenings and off we went to our Grandparent's house on School Avenue (near Leonetti Cellars) where we were paraded up and down School and Bryant Avenues to neighbors and nearby church and garden club friends so they could "ooo and aww" over Grace and Walter's grandchildren.

These Halloween memories got me to thinking about the wine labels from the Walla Walla Valley and how many of them were appropriately themed for Halloween. The best wine labels for Halloween goes to Charles Smith Wines for his Skull Syrah and Old Bones Syrah. Unfortunately these wines sold out - - fast! And it wasn't just about the label, but the coveted content inside the bottles.

Of course, who doesn't love the Sleight of Hand Cellars with their labels of magic and spells offering wines named Spellbinder and Levitation? Names that are very reminiscent of the Great Houdini, who died on Halloween.

Mother Nature plays a part of mystery and magic when the perfect alignment between three celestial bodies makes for a total solar eclipse. The feeling is of awe and yet very eerie. The wine labels from SYZYGY are impressive and reminds us of natural, yet mystical forces beyond a mere mortal.

When Halloween comes around every October, lovers of Walla Walla wines won't have to travel all the way to Transylvania to collect their boo-tiful labels covering their favorite red drink - - the blood of the vine.

B O O!


Sue said...

I should have gone back to the original post BUT let me tell you I made those chocolate pumpkin cookies in bar form this afternoon. The only thing I did was cook them for 30 minutes and they are to DIE for. They are not too sweet either which is important to me and the dark chocolate is just perfect. Thank you for sharing that recipe. Oh my gosh my family loves them.

Andrew said...

Excellent fun post - sadly, as per usual, these excellent sounding wines I'll never see this side of the big A.

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Thanks Andrew! I wish you could taste some of these excellent wines.

Sue, I am glad to hear this worked and I will definitely try the bar cookies myself!

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