Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wine Blogging Wednesday #58: Wine & Music

Katie Pizzuto of Gonzo Gastronomy has challenged us to put forth a little more effort on this month's WBW than just finding a nice wine to write about. Instead Katie wants us to enjoy a wine or two, while playing different types of music, and taking notes on how our experiences changes with each wine and song.

(I am going to have to tell the truth here - - as I already had my wine and music notes (excuse the pun) completed a few months ago due to a recent article I wrote for a local wine and food magazine about the exact same topic.)

I haven't exactly found that playing different types of music will change the experience of the wines, but what I have found there are certain wines that pair well with certain songs and musicians. And I also base the music and song according to my day. Good day? Bad day? Or maybe a flatline of a day and I need a bit of a spark to get going? In my sanctuary, which holds my collection of wine and eclectic music, and where I hide from the elements of ring tones and gab, I find a bold, yet supple cabernet sauvignon with layers of black ripe fruit and cocoa is completed with Luciano Pavarotti belting out the aria, Nessun Dorma, from the final act of Puccini's opera Turandot.

Any sultry song sung by Patsy Kline or the 1970's girl rock band, Heart goes well with a locally produced merlot that shows flavor notes of chocolate-covered cherries, nutmeg and a deep nose of autumn leaves. I play Annie Lennox's Little Bird or Whiter Shade of Pale as I sip on a viognier with its nose of fresh pears and a long finish of cotton candy. A Bordeaux-style rose'? Nothing else will do but the warbling of the little French sparrow Edith Piaf.

A well-chilled, crisp and grassy-toned sauvignon blanc makes me yearn for some honky-tonk from country artist Alan Jackson. Yee-Haw! When the album Laundry Service by Colombian/Lebanese singer-songwriter-belly-dancer Shakira comes up, I have been known to reach for the zills (finger cymbals) and shake and shimmy while balancing a glass of spicy and inky-colored syrah.

Which wine pairs the best with the dark and gothic heavy-metal riffs of Brian Hugh Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson? Well, that's a wine pairing I haven't decided on yet. Instead, I skip the wine and make a Bloody Mary. That's when I know I have had a really bad day.


Unknown said...

Love it! Wine Harlots always make a musical pick to pair with the wines we are talking about. Here's to good wine and great music. Cheers!

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Hey Nannette!

Will I be seeing you next month in Sonoma? Maybe then we can drink a little wine (okay - I mean a lot of wine) and listen to some sassy tunes together! So appropo for a wine harlot and a wild wine woman getting together!


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