Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buried Treasure: Buried Cane Malbec Rosé - 2011

It was a wine that was not suppose to be produced, but Brian Rudin winemaker for Cadaretta/Middleton Family Wines just knew he had to do it - - and he did.  It turns out Brian made the right decision because as of this last Friday, there were only three cases left at the winery and more than likely it went "bye-bye" over the weekend.  

This 100% Rosé of Malbec by Buried Cane Premium Wines from the Middleton Family is sourced from the vines of the Walla Walla Valley.

The color of the wine is sheer pink with light peach tones. A nose to  the glass brings out hints of rose petals, woodruff and burnt sugar. One sip tells me a story of watermelon, raspberries and just a wonderful lip-smacking tartness. Crisp! It tends to smooth out with a roundness of roasted marshmallows and ends with a bite of the Sweet Tart candies.  

It may be too late to grab a bottle for yourself, but something tells me that next season, it will be produced again - - and on purpose. 

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