Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tip My Hat to Nine Hats Riesling - 2011

Last week I discovered a nice surprise - a perfect summer wine that can be carried through to your next Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham. Not only is the wine packaged for a picnic with the handy-dandy screw cap, but it's affordable. too. It's also such a nice surprise when you consider the producer.  

Nine Hats stands for nine renowned winemakers from the distinguished wines and vineyards of Long Shadows. Nine Hats Riesling - 2011 is a second label from Long Shadows. While it cannot be purchased from the winery, Nine Hats wines are produced to only be distributed to wine retailers and restaurants.

The Nine Hats label appeared when the winery discovered after each harvest that a percentage of their signature wine was often more than they required for their final blends and bottling. These extra barrels of wine are our gain when you consider the value of these distinctive wines - - and grapes.

The fruit sourced for the Nine Hats Riesling - 2011 is from The Benches Vineyard at Horse Heaven Hills - - and bringing in 10% from the Underwood Mountain Vineyard at the Gorge. Planted in 2004, The Benches Riesling are German clones selected to showcase the minerality and complexity, while the fruit from the Gorge vineyard provides bright acidity.

It's a sip of honey, and a mouth full of peaches and pears, while leaving a finish on the palate that is bright and clean. Yes indeed, when chilled this is a porch sippin' kind of wine, and at the same time can hold up to the most exotic of meals. Bring on the falafels with the creamy tzatziki sauce, spicy chicken curry and the camarones diablo!

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