Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cavu Cellars Barbera Rosé - 2011

Have you noticed lately I am on a rosé kick? It seems to be my theme this summer. Typically I am a red wine drinker and for me the beauty of rosés are that I get to have the taste of the red grapes that I love, but in a much lighter form - - and of course, just as pretty.  Yup, I am still drawn to the color pink.
I think that Joel Waite, winemaker/partner of Cavu Cellars, has always been on the innovative side of wine making and definitely knows what he wants. Since the 2009 vintage, Joel has been producing a barbera rosé. In the Walla Walla Valley a rosé from this Italian-rooted variety was something we did not see a lot of. 

Barbera is the third most-planted red grape in Italy with Sangiovese and Montepulciano in the forefront. It's my opinion that Barbera makes for a perfect grape to produce a rosé from due to it being low in tannins and known for its high level of acid. It's obvious that Joel must be thinking the same. 

Cavu Cellars Barbera Rosé - 2011 is an aromatic wine with notes of orange blossom and Satsuma plums (no, not Mirabelle or Damask plums, just Satsuma plums ... ). Flavors of strawberry hit the palate and later in the finish more stone fruit. The fruit sourced for this wine is from the Alder Ridge Vineyards at Horse Heaven Hills - with the hot summer days and cool evenings on the Columbia River, it brings to the wine the perfect amount of acids which make for a great food wine and of course, perfect for just relaxing and sipping.  

Chill and enjoy it now or hide it and bring it out for Thanksgiving. Just don't forget it. (and Joel only produced about 157 cases ... )

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I love, love, love Rosé!

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