Thursday, August 02, 2012

From Rome with Love: Secco Italian Bubbles

This summer, one of the most exciting wines to hit Walla Walla is the new Secco Italian Bubbles line-up produced by the Casa sisters, Ginevra and Olivia, and our own Washington state rock star winemaker and Walla Walla homie, Charles Smith.

Growing up in Rome, Ginevra and Olivia Casa always had a love affair with Prosecco. In 2010, after the change in laws pertaining to the Prosecco production, the Casa sisters looked for an opportunity to bring their noble grapes to the states and create a new category of sparkling wine. Charles, a fellow lover of Italian bubbles and winemaker, entered the scene and together the threesome created a new sparkling wine - - Secco Italian Bubbles

This year, not only did these masters of bubbly increase their production and jazzed up the Secco label, but they also added Moscato and Manzoni Moscato to their current Secco lineup along with their Bianco and Rosé Italian Bubbles. This was also a good time, with the addition of the two moscatos, to spiff up  their labels with bold new fonts.  

Moscato Bianco is a white grape and produced into a frizzante (note: if you are not sure what a frizzante is, check out yesterday's Walla Walla Wine Word for Dummies). Notes of white peaches, and exotic lychee nut and jasmine waft from the glass. 

Manzoni Moscato is also styled as a frizzante and in such a pretty rose pink color. Notes of raspberry, oranges, vanilla bean and rose petals and so easy to sip. Such a nice fragrance it makes me want to dab it behind the ears.
The vineyards are located entirely within the Colli Eugani DOC. The Secco Italian Bubbles and Frizzantes are both produced and bottled at Cantina Colli Eugane, Vo, Padova Italy - - and then brought back to the states and especially to Walla Walla.  

Secco Italian Bubbles and Secco Italian Moscatos are perfect to sip when chilled and one can also mix them as a cocktail such as in a Bellini or a Mimosa. Pair these wines starting with Italian cheeses and ending with cheese cake. 

Warning: all by themselves or mixed - these wines go down too easy. Dolce vita! 

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