Friday, July 28, 2006

The Accidental Tourist Guide

Darryl from Oregon sends me an email and writes:

"...I know that you are busy and that you are not a tour guide...planning a wine tasting trip to Walla Walla...which places would you visit?...where would you stay?"

Darryl, thank you for your email and by the way -- in many ways I feel this blog is my outlet to be that armchair tourist guide for a town that I love so much. In fact, that is the reason why I list an email address so my readers can write me about wine and Walla Walla. I look forward to receiving emails like yours. Alas, for every good email there are 20 bad emails like this:

"$#%!bbxz#*(& win big lottery...bored housewife turned bad XXX spanky-spanky...Dear Madame. I am very important person on the Isle of Manifestomisto and my father died. You can trust me. URGENT! He left me $800 million and will split with you if you send $... #*&k)^scrumbles peach to recurring by giraffe"

I love-love-love answering questions from my readers and visiting with our tourists. Hopefully I give honest, yet enthusiastic (and never jaded or too biased) answers. Reasonably, I have my favorite places to eat and wines to drink, but I feel that at this time there is something special about every winery in Walla Walla and I would like tell a visitor to visit them all when possible. Sure, I may not like someone's Chardonnay, but I may also think they have an amazing Cabernet. I try to be precise in my dislikes. As an example, there are a few wine varietals that aren't my favorite, but I can tell you where to find the best and not to miss out. And just because you have not read about a certain wine or winery on this blog, it does not mean I do not care for them or their wines. It means that I have not gotten to it yet. Sometimes a winery has to contact me and jog my memory. Remember - there are so many wines and so little time.

So to those who own a new winery, restaurant, or accomodations please write me and introduce yourself. If you aren't new, remind me that you are here. And to my readers - write me. I would love hearing from you.


Anonymous said...


What are your recommendations?

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Send me an email address and list any specific varietals or styles you like and I will tell you what I recommend. Cheers!

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