Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is The Pastime Being Passed Over?

It appears Walla Walla's once spaghetti and meatball landmark is being passed over. Charles Smith, the new owner and owner of K-Vintners Winery, has a "For Sale" sign in the window. A recent article in the county paper, The Waitsburg Times, writes that Charles also purchased the Bull's Eye Tavern in Waitsburg. Waitsburg, WA is another soon-to-be hip-hop-happening tourist destination. Has Charles become bored with the Pastime already? Come on Charles! We know the great things you can do with the grape and were hopeful you would continue to do great things with the Pastime.

While perusing other blogs yesterday I came upon a new entry on blog Apartment 2024 regarding the Pastime. Marisa, author of this blog and former Whitman College student, shares many of her fond memories of this once Walla Walla icon. To my surprise, Marisa kindly linked my memories of the Pastime in Arrivederci Pastime. Marisa gives wonderful descriptions of the diner that woke up more of my own memories. Yes, I remember the "elderly waitress with nicotine stains on her hands" and I remember the hot pink lipstick that was painted beyond her lip line, the co-mingled smell of old Faberge Tigress and smoke. I remember the hankie pinned to her waitress uniform. Her demeanor was sassy and yet she made you feel at home when she greeted you with, "How ya doin' hon?"

Marisa gave me permission to share this photo and she writes:

My mom called me to break the news, in a manner that one would normally reserve for the death of a family pet. We talked about how everything has a lifespan, and how grateful we both are that we knew Walla Walla in the days when it was still funky and laden with remnants of prior times. I’ve spent the day mourning the fact that the Pastime doesn’t exist anymore and hoping that the Spaghetti and Meatballs clock has found a good home.


Sue said...

I agree that I hope that clock has found a good home! I really miss going to the Pastime for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know that waitress. When my dad was alive and we would eat at the pastime he would always ask for her table. My how times change. I hope that memories of the Pastime are always alive in Walla Walla.

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Hey Sue!
I just read in the news today that the Pastime has been passed over to a new owner. Internationally known artist, Jim Dine purchased the building in May. I believe he is the one responsible for that very colorful paint splattered Venus like statue that sits on the Whitman College campus on Boyer Street. I hope he treats the Pastime nice.

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