Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Tribute To My Wine Guru

There are very few moments in my life where I am at a loss for words and this is one of those rare moments:

Today the Washingston State Wine Industry, Walla Walla Institute for Enology and Viticulture and for everyone whose life he made a difference, we have lost one of the best - -

Stan Clarke

Perhaps this article I wrote a couple of years ago will tell you about the man I referred to as my Wine Guru.


Sue said...

It is so sad; so very sad. What a nice tribute to post.

Jamie ID via WW said...

Good job, Catie! He was such a kind, self-effacing man...really in my mind an iron man in the best sense of those words.

It is still inconceivable that he is not available to host a glass of Merlot with...or his other favorite WA Lemberger! Rock on Stan where ever you will not be forgotten! Jamie

Michael said...

Yesterday I cut Stan's class because I had to go to Seattle. Today I drove back with my parents and stopped at the College so that they could meet Stan. I was devastated when I learned that Stan had died.Stan was so full of life and always ready to help.

Stan you will be missed but never forgotten.


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