Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spring Break For The Walla2 Wine Woman!

It’s needed. Now, I am not going any place exotic. Just some time at home and maybe a few overnight trips. You know, I need a different routine for a few days. I haven’t taken any time off since my family dragged me camping to Montana in July for a much needed time away from everything - - everything, except the mosquitos, yellow jackets and wine, of course.

It’s time to get outdoors and get the lawn, patio,decks and herb and rose gardens ready for warmer weather. This season I made an executive decision - the dandelions won’t get the best of me so I hired "professional killers" to knock them down.

Steve and I have a few get-aways planned. The highlights are Taste Washington - "The Ultimate Taste Experience" in Seattle. Lots of wine to taste! Then the following weekend we’ll be attending an Elton John concert in Pullman. Can you believe, of all places, Sir Elton at Beasley Auditorium and not once - - twice? And in-between those two events, I will be hosting a Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman Open House for my W5 customers. If you haven’t added your name to my mailing list, it’s not to late to get an invite as to what, where, when and the open house specials. Send an email or add your name to the W5 Mailing List ASAP. I will make myself available to return emails and process orders, but I won't be back to blogging until after the 15th. Maybe, I will take some time and do a quick blog entry here and there - - - naaahhh - - - or maybe not! Cheers! C~

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