Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cadaretta "SBS" - 2007

The Cadaretta "SBS" - 2007 was one of the few white wines that was on our bar during our Christmas Eve celebration. It was met with anticipation as soon as we saw the bottle come in the door. We were more concerned about taking the wine from our guest, Alberto's hand than we were taking his coat and hat. Several "ooo's and ahhs" were released and we could hardly wait for it to get chilled.

Cadaretta Winery is new winery in the Walla Walla Valley and owned by the Middleton Family. Their family has long business roots in the state of Washington with the Anderson & Middleton Company being in business on the west side of the state for over a 100 years. Cadaretta wine is made at Artifex on Dell Avenue in Walla Walla. Artifex is a state-of-the-art custom crush winery and is also part-owned by the Anderson & Middleton Company.

Winemaker for Cadaretta is Virginie Bourgue. Virginie was born and raised in Provence France. She moved to Washington State in 2002, producing wine for a couple of wineries and we have been enjoying her wines in the Walla Walla Valley ever since.

I want you to know I had to fight to get my wine notes as my intake of this wine was limited. People can be so greedy - ahem - when it comes to good wine and surprisingly in this case, a white wine with a house full of red wine drinkers!

The color of this 73% Sauvignon Blanc and 27% Semillon blend was a lemon yellow, taking on more of the Semillon color. Also, there was just a skoosh of a green tint to it like a Spanish Albarino. The nose was clean and reminded me of a refreshing gin and tonic with a slice of lemon. You know, like the kind of a drink you thirst for on a hot summer's day? More crisp citrus fruit came out on the palate and once my tongue fooled me as if it was tasting a creamy lemon meringue pie. It was a complimentary pairing for the grilled veggies and the warm raclette cheese we were dining on.

And when I went to pour myself another small taste - "poof!" The wine was gone! Just a few drizzles sliding into my glass and I was left with an empty bottle of Cadaretta to pine for. "Sigh."

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