Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wine Bloggers Conference 2009: One picture is worth a thousand words

And my last blog on the WBC 2009 - -

Take one Beer Wench Blogger by the name of Ashley “Wenchie” Routson.

And one serious Pinot Blogger from the Russian River Valley, CA by the name of Josh Hermsmeyer.

Toss in one rubber chicken by the name of "Don Quixote" compliments of Twisted Oak Winery

Walla Walla get ready for the Wine Blogger's Conference 2010!


Anonymous said...

lol looks like a fun time was had by all. Can't wait for Wala Wala next year!

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean about this year’s conference: we bloggers/tweeters/social media types were in a fishbowl. Several people that I talked to even admitted it–that they were there to observe the conference OR OTHER WINERIES, not to participate. Sometimes this was said quite disdainfully. Rarely enthusiastically. It was uncomfortable for me and for others and yet, and yet–the conference offered them an amazing opportunity to see for themselves what it’s all about. And shouldn’t they be able to have that chance? It’s just unfortunate that they didn’t do more with it–and with a different attitude toward it all.I like to smoke cigars while drinking wine and i like Cuban cigars which are the Best Cigars.

Ashley V. Routson said...

Here is to hoping that i will be able to make an appearance this year ... with Don Quixote, naturally!



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