Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WBC-or-BUST: Winners Anounced!

The winning wine bloggers for the WBC-or-BUST: Road to Walla Walla campaign have been selected! How exciting! This is a pre-event on their way to the Wine Bloggers Conference 2010, held this year in the beautiful valley of Walla Walla. Here is what these dedicated wine bloggers have won:

WBC-or-BUST ~ Itinerary Overview

Wed, June 23rd (DAY 1): Seattle & Woodinville Wine Country
The winners will experience some of the best Washington has to offer from one of the premier food & wine destinations in the Northwest.

Thur, June 24th (DAY 2): Yakima Valley & Walla Walla
They will travel across the Cascade Mountain Range to visit Washington's premier growing regions and taste through a selection of preimium wines.

Fri, June 25th (DAY 3): The Wine Bloggers Conference Begins in Walla Walla! Winners will arrive to Walla Walla in style just in time for the WBC '10 with a deeper understanding of Washington and it's thriving wine industry.

Sun, June 27th: Return Trip to Seattle
At the conclusion of the Wine Bloggers Conference all WBC-or-BUST bloggers and participating media guests will return back to Seattle via a comfortable limo bus. On the way, they will visit Alexandria Nicole Cellars at Prosser to enjoy a gourmet lunch and wine.

As one of the seven wine blogger supporters, I would like to congratulate the winners:

Toledo Wines and Vines

Another Wine Blog

Cellarmistress' Cellar Talk

Windy City Wine Guy

The Vino File




Wine Predator


Jenna & Wine

General Wine Thoughts

See you in Walla Walla!


Grace said...

Grace Hoffman
I am thrilled to be one of the chosen ones and am looking forward to a week of great times! When I made the decision to be a part of #WBC10 ( on 12-31-09), I made it my goal to learn as much about the WA wine industry as I could. Living in Iowa, it wasn't easy because I had limited resources. Super excited to be a part of this. Can't wait to meet you finally! At WBC09 I was very shy and overwhelmed! That won't be the case this year. LOL! I will introduce myself for sure. Only 28 more days until I get to Seattle!

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Congratulations Grace. I thought for sure we met. If not, we will definitely meet. WBC10 at Walla Walla is going to be great and I am happy you are a winner of this fun trip. It is a well deserved win. See you in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the winners too and I'm very excited about this additional opportunity to learn more about WA wines and experience the land where the wines come from.

Thank you for your support of WBC-or-Bust and the WBC in general!

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