Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wine Bloggers Conference 2010: Follow Me in Walla Walla!

The flowers are blooming all over downtown Walla Walla and even part of the new highway is done! We are about as ready as we can be for the 300+ wine bloggers, media and other members of the wine industry to converge on Walla Walla for the Wine Bloggers Conference 2010! To answer a few questions:

So, what exactly is a wine blogger's conference?

In Walla Walla it will be three-days of academic sessions, keynote speakers (Steve Heimoff, author and West Coast Editor for the Wine Enthusiast magazine and Lettie Teague, formerly with Food and Wine magazine and now the Wall Street Journal), winery and vineyard excursions, great food experiences, including a local taco truck tasting and a food and wine pairing with Chef Jeffrey Saad from the Food Network. And last, but not of course the very least, is lots of wine tasting! There are even pre and post excursions going on through the State of Washington so wine bloggers can see the best of Washington State wineries. Several buses are rolling in tonight. And let it be known this is the third annual conference in North America and the first to sell out early. They are taking planes, buses and automobiles to find out what Walla Walla and her wines are all about!

Where will we be seeing wine bloggers? Are they friendly and approachable?

They will be migrating at the Marcus Whitman Hotel and you will see them out and about Friday evening enjoying the sights and sounds of downtown Walla Walla at Main. You may see groups of 25 or more at the various wineries and vineyards on Saturday. And yes, wine bloggers are known to be very friendly and approachable. Just don't call them "blobbers, gadflies or poodles."

And what about the Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman?

I will be roaming around Walla Walla according to the WBC agenda along with the rest of the citizen wine bloggers. This will be a new experience for me as I am going to try my best not to view Walla Walla as my 'hood, but look at it as a new-comer to Walla Walla, like the rest of my blogging collegues.

To get an update on what is going on with the wine bloggers and me, you can check us out on Twitter. The majority of the wine bloggers will be Twittering every move. In fact, Friday and Saturday afternoons you will find us tasting wine and reporting live using Twitter and Facebook. I will be laptop-will-travel and if there is a access I will be online. To look for specific tweets from Twitter, look for #WBC10 (see special Twitter widget) and follow us!

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