Sunday, April 25, 2010

Attention Wine Loving Peeps: Stop Bill HR 5034

Once again, the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) are trying to find another way to prevent wine lovers from having choices on what wines we drink and purchase. Oh wait, it's not the WSWA. This time it's the National Beer Wholesalers Association (WBWA). And what does the NBWA have to do with what wine we choose to drink? Well who knows, but the WSWA sure are behind ... I mean applauding it loudly and supporting it.

On April 15 members of Congress introduced HR 5034, which was crafted by the NBWA. If passed, this bill could end direct shipping of wine and other forms of alcohol in the United States, or at least put major roadblocks in front of lawsuits by consumers and wineries trying to reduce restrictions on direct shipping. This bill would strengthen the three-tier system of distribution for wholesalers, giving them control of what wines you can purchase in your state and discriminate against out-of-state wine shippers.

Of course, WSWA wants you to believe they are really doing this to "protect our children" from ordering expensive bottles of wine online with their American Express Cards. Gosh, back in my day we would hang ... well, not me, but I heard there were classmates who would hang behind the local mini-mart and give Creepy Carl their lunch money to buy them a cheap bottle of Olde English "800" Malt Liquor or Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill. It was certainly quicker and satisfied our, I mean, "their" instant gratification than waiting three to five working days for an expensive bottle of wine to be delivered by FedEx or UPS. I guess the WSWA and the NBWA hasn't heard the news that FedEx and UPS remedied the problem of online sales of alcohol landing in the hands of minors. Policies have been set that a person over 21 with ID has to sign for the package of alcohol upon delivery.

In all seriousness: if HR 5034 passes, consumers will loose the ability to fight in the courts for laws that allow them to buy the wine they want and what winery or retail store they want to purchase it from.

Please help defeat HR 5034 by writing your U.S. Congressional Representatives. Also please join the official Facebook Page of STOPHR5034 to show your support.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping spread the word Catie. You are a true champion of wine!


Anonymous said...

Rock on, Catie! This abomination needs all the attention it can get from us. Keep up the good fight.

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