Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Want To Visit Walla Walla!

Okay, so I live here. In fact, I was born and raised here. Since I have been working in the wine industry now for over 10 years, I've had the opportunity to visit with our tourists. Sometimes it is a first time visit and for others a yearly event. I enjoy listening to their adventures in Walla Walla and their very kind remarks about our beautiful area; from the picturesque valley setting of the Blue Mountains, our historical downtown, the live theatres, the art and music scene, the assortment of dining and of course, and very most of all - - the wine.

Everytime I hear the tourist's stories about our area, I have to admit that I get a little bit envious because I wish it was me seeing Walla Walla for the very first time. Unfortunately, as we often do, take many of the things that are so familiar with us for granted.

So, are you looking for an opportunity to have what I have all around me, especially during these winter months? Alaska Airlines and the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance have created some very special offers in one of the world’s most recognized wine regions - yup, that's us - Walla Walla.

Take advantage of special savings on round-trip airline tickets, waived tasting fees at over 75 renowned Walla Walla wineries, special lodging and restaurant offers (some restaurants offering complimentary soup, salad, or dessert with any full priced entre’), even two-for-one skiing and museum ticket offers. And to be sure that you're going to take some of Walla Walla back home with you, Alaska Airline’s new Walla Walla Wine Country offer enables you to take home a case of wine with no baggage handling fees! For more information contact the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance.

Can't make it during the next few months? No worries, there is always something special happenin' here in the "Wallas" such as: Feast Walla Walla (April 14), Spring Release (May 4 – 6), Balloon Stampede (May 11 – 13), and Vintage Walla Walla (June 14 – 17) to name a few of the highlights.

Say it along with me now, "I want to visit Walla Walla!"


WineSpeak USA said...


I'll be making my first trip to Walla Walla in June. Any hotel or restaurant recommendations?




wild walla walla wine woman said...

Hi Nick,
I have some favorites, but I don't want everybody in Walla Walla to see, just in case, I didn't list their favorites. Small town. But I do recommend vising Tourism Walla Walla at http://www.wallawalla.org/ If you see anything to your liking or have any questions, please send me an email listed on my page and I will set you on the right course. Thanks for writing and enjoy walla Walla.

WineSpeak USA said...

Thanks Catie, will do. I'm excited about the trip!

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