Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ring Around the Rosé ...

"Pocket full of Posy. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!"

With apologies to the old 14th century song ... remember the old childhood game of "Ring around the Rosie"? Visions of children holding hands in a circle, rotating slowly while singing this verse, then collapsing in a giggling heap at the end of the song. The song was born in Europe during the years of 1347 - 1350.

During this time, rosé wines were evolving in the French vineyards of Provence. The nobility and military leaders acquired and managed these vineyards.  Soon, rosé  became prestigious, and known as the pretty pink wine of kings and aristocrats.

Seven centuries later, rosé has found its way to Walla Walla. Many will be showcased this Spring Release Weekend of May, 6-8 and unfortunately many of the newly released are already gone! Boo-hoo! If you are fortunate enough to sample any, grab them and grab them now! And please, don't bore us with "real men don't drink pink wine." You want to tell that to the men in Provence?

The beauty of these rose-colored wines is they are perfect for the red wine drinker preferring the taste of the red grape but desiring something lighter in the hot summer weather. Here are some favorites from Walla Walla (to name a few), but once again if you see them, don't let them get away. They are wonderful sippers by themselves, yet so very food friendly.

Charles & Charles (Bieler & Smith project) Rosé - 2011: From the men who brought you the popular Rosé bumper sticker (see below) So how does this rosé taste? Remember Jolly Ranchers? Hold that thought ...It's scrumptious!

Dusted Valley Ramblin' Rosé - 2011: Crisp, clean, fruit forward and utterly delicious. An incredible field blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvedre, Petit Sirah and even a touch of Viognier.

L'Ecole #41 Grenache Rosé - 2011: From the Alder Ridge Vineyard, this fresh and crisp Grenache Rosé shows orange rind and citrus perfumed aromatics with fresh fruit flavors of tangerine, raspberry and pomegranate with rose petal notes on a spicy, flinty mineral finish.

Sleight of Hand Cellars "The Magician's Assistant" Cabernet Franc Rosé - 2011: 100% Cabernet Franc! Coral pink in color with aromas of watermelon, strawberries, and minerals. Crisp and  dry on the palate and driven by more of the watermelon and red berries.

Tranche Cellars Pink Pape Estate - 2011: Traditional Rhone varietals of Counoise, Cinsault and Syrah - - "Pape!" Pale salmon in color with a light pink hue. Light aromas of cantaloupe rind, honeysuckle and citrus. Soft and lush on the palate with red berry fruits being complemented by delicate flavors of white nectarine, orange blossom and hibiscus flower.

Waterbrook Sangiovese - 2011: 100% Sangiovese that was cold soaked for 50 hours before removing the skins. A crisp wine with rose bud and watermelon aromatics. This dry Rosé has bright flavors of strawberry, melon with balanced acidity and lingering raspberry notes on the finish. 

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