Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Walla Walla Wine Word for Dummies: Weekly Wine Word Wednesdays

The Weekly Walla Walla Wine Word for Dummies is: Ah-So

This twin prong cork puller called an Ah-So or Butler's Friend can extract a cork without damaging it. It is especially useful in opening old bottles with fragile corks and because it does not puncture the cork, it limits the likelihood of a brittle cork crumbling into the wine.

The two metal prongs, one shorter than the other, are spread open and then wiggled into the space between the cork and the bottle on either side. Once fully in place, a turn and pull of the handle causes friction to turn the cork and pull it out of the bottle. However, if not careful the Ah-So can inadvertently push the cork further into the bottle instead of extracting it. 

So how did it get it's quirky name? No, it isn't the same as "I see" in Japanese. "Ah-so" is a translation of the German title, "Ach so!", an expression meaning roughly "Ah, I see." It's named because its appearance often baffles people, but when demonstrated, they often exclaim "Ah! So that's how it works!"

Check out how this enthusiast uses the Ah-So.

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