Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Walla Walla Wine Word for Dummies: Weekly Wine Word Wednesday

The Weekly Walla Walla Wine Word for Dummies: Estate-bottled

First of all, this is a term used and regulated by the TTB, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Estate-bottled means that 100% of the wine came from grapes grown on land owned or controlled by the winery. Also, the vineyard must be located in a AVA desginated area, and both land and winery be on the same AVA  area, as well.  

Therefore, the winery must grow, crush, ferment, age, finish and bottle the wine in a continuous process on the same winery's premise. 

In the Walla Walla area,  a few estate-bottled wines to look for would be those from Leonetti, Woodward Canyon, L'Ecole #41, Pepper Bridge, Spring Valley, Tero Estates, Cadaretta, Dumas Station ... to name a few.  

Besides, doesn't everyone that works in the Walla Walla wine industry live in an humble little home like the one in the photo?


Shireen said...

Haha! If only! How many estate-bottled wineries are there in Walla Walla? I figured most WA wineries sourced grapes from around the Yakima Valley and Red Mountain.

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Shireen, if only? Did you read the full article, as I listed a few of estate-bottled wineries in Walla Walla, and there are still about seven estate-bottled wineries I didn't list. At this time and according to the Washington Wine Commission, Walla Walla has more acres in vineyards than Red Mountain does.

Unknown said...

Hello! I am just wondering, is that winery shown in the photo somewhere in Walla Walla?

wild walla walla wine woman said...

No. I used the photo only for an example of "estate" due to I didn't want to use a Walla Walla winery and show favoritism.

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