Thursday, April 18, 2013

Waters Winery Rosé - 2012

It would appear that I am spending a lot of time writing mostly about the local rosés, but you have to talk about 'em immediately and grab them immediately or like the lead character, Verbal Kint of the movie "Usual Suspects" said about the legendary Keyser Söze in his story

"And like that, poof! He's gone ..."

The rose' from Waters Winery isn't going to be any different. If you don't get it now, poof! It will be gone. 

The color is a lovely pale peach color. The aromatics are of posies and apricots. To give the rosé the soft salmon color, whole clusters of 63% syrah and 37% viognier were pressed with no additional skin time. The wine is  fruity and juicy on the mid-palate and ends with crisp acids almost leaving a bit of effervescence on the tongue. Refreshing by itself while sippin' and sittin' on the porch, or paired with a light fare of foods such as seafood and fruit.  Or you might consider the nosh I was enjoying with it, bacon wrapped water chestnuts basted with a light Asian inspired plum sauce.

Waters is a boutique winery located near the foothills, south of the Walla Walla Valley. Founded in 2005, their mission is to produce distinctive wines that rival the best of Old and New World regions and aimed at sense of place. Waters Winery produces  a few 1,000 cases of small lots each year.  

Dreux and Robbi
I was happy to meet up with Robbi Ebel, Sales Director and Dreux Dillingham, Winemaker, of Waters Winery earlier this week at a distributor's spring release event and tasted a selection of Waters newest releases, including this delicious rosé with the sophisticated packaging.

Grab this wine when you see it or like that, poof ... 

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