Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beguiled and Bedazzled la Deuxième Partie! Juliette's Dazzle 2011

It's back again and even more luscious. 

You might remember the history of Dazzle from last year's blog.  It was attempted to be released for the very first time in 2003 by Long Shadow's managing winemaker, Gilles Nicault. Long story short it waited a  stretch before it appeared for the first time last year with it's 2010 release. Now prettier in pink than ever it's Juliette's Dazzle - 2011

Juliette's Dazzle is a special project of Allen Shoup, CEO and founder of Long Shadows Winery and Long Shadow's managing winemaker, Gilles Nicault. The wine is named after Allen's granddaughter, Julia. No, you won't find Juliette's Dazzle at Long Shadows or on their mailing list as it is an independent project, and is produced to be sold at restaurants and wine shops only. 

First of all, the packaging is stunning with it's clear glass bowling pin shaped bottle and the gold silk screen label. The fruit is sourced from The Benches (formerly Wallula Vineyards), a vineyard that Long Shadows owns. It is a dramatic vineyard that overlooks the Columbia River from the Washington side, three miles south of the Wallula Gap.

This pink rosé is produced from Pinot Gris, a grayish pink grape which is classified as "white." The fruit was lightly mascerated and fermented like a red wine on its skins, giving the wine it's sole source of color as in traditional Provence rosés.

Gilles added 2% sangiovese to add more fruitiness and to tinge the wine a lovely pink color. The wine is much lighter in color than the 2010, but just as delicious. This rosé is aromatic with hints of ripe strawberries and rhubarb on the nose. It is an easy sipper, especially with the perfect chill. The best way to describe the flavors is a mouth full of juicy ruby red grapefruit. It just fills the mouth leaving the impression of a sweet/tart wine (1% residual sugar) and the finish  leaves the tip of the tongue feeling a bit of effervescence. 

How to pair it with food? My same recommendations as last year: fruit salads, fruit pies, rich and creamy cheeses, Asian-influenced dishes, as well as delicate chicken and seafood dishes - - and yes, even the Thanksgiving turkey.

Also, do not toss that bottle. Recycle it and use for a summertime patio vase for your posies from the garden or a casual, but elegant water bottle for outdoor entertaining. 


Shireen said...

This sounds wonderful. I cannot wait to try it!

Shireen said...

This sounds wonderful, I cannot wait to try it!

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